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Links to various musical endeavors, projects, and people from the past 50 years...

  • Larry Swartzwelder: Tribute to my mentor on the guitar.

  • Barry Nease: Tribute to my mentor on the piano; plus a few never-heard-before recordings.

  • Jam Samples: 2000-2016; a few video & audio recordings from live jam sessions in my studio, the Maple Room.

  • Lucky Afternoon: 2007-2014; videos and pictures from gigs.

  • Rockin' the Church: 2006-2009; audio and video excerpts while leading the music at church.

  • Mansion: 2000; 25th-year reunion of my high-school rock band.

  • Classical Piano: 1997-1999; recordings of a few classical piano pieces I played, once upon a time.

  • Freelance: 1984-1986; variety band from central PA.

  • Shadowfax: 1979-1980; pop/rock band (mostly Beatles and Elvis music) during my last year in college.

  • The Recording Workshop: 1980; Recordings of lectures at a music technology school I attended in Ohio.

  • Passing Through II: 1978; A musical comedy by Lawrence Lebin. April 1978, at Lock Haven State College.

  • No Exit: 1978; The existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre. May 1978, at Lock Haven State College.

  • Purple Haze: 1976-1977; my first rock band in college. (Updated May 2024.)

  • The Sheffield Lane Band: 1971; Every musician has a "first" band. This was mine.

  • Software: 1988 through 2022. The business I started and guided for 34 years.

photo by David Jostenski, circa 1978
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