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The Recording Workshop

Lectures from The Recording Workshop

  • In July 1980, I attended The Recording Workshop, a 4-week intensive school for recording and engineering in Chillicothe Ohio.

  • The school is a complex of recording studios located in Chillicothe Ohio.

  • I attended the "Early Summer" session, with about 85 students in total.

  • Several guest lecturers from the music industry gave presentations.

  • These MP3 files were created from the cassette tapes I made during the lectures.

  • In 2010, I moved the cassette tape audio into the digital world and remastered. The tapes were very old and in poor condition.

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Gary Loizzo

Producer and engineer for Styx and REO Speedwagon. Lead vocalist for the American Breed, with a top-ten hit in 1968, "Bend Me Shape Me." 7-10-1980.

More info about Gary is here.

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Garuka Singh Khalsa

Introduction — Technical engineer at Ohio State University. 6-30-1980.

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Garuka Singh Khalsa

Future Trends in Recording — Explains the advent of digital recording, among other topics. 7-14-1980. More info about this interesting man is here.

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Joe Waters

Founder of the school. Talks about the job market, and offers very inspiring advice. 7-16-1980. Joe's memorial Facebook page is here.

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Michelle Horsefield

Well-known vocal teacher. Wonderful lecture about singing and working with singers in the studio. 7-7-1980. More information about Michelle appears here.

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Danny Green

Studio owner. Talks about the business of owning and operating a recording studio. 7-9-1980. More information about Danny's studio is here

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A few classmates of mine...


Doc Wiley

Engineer, producer


Bernie Staub

Engineer, producer


Russ Fitzpatrick

Senior Audio Post Engineer

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