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Classical Piano

I've played classical piano music during two periods of my life; in my early 20's and late 30's.

These pieces were challenging! Since I barely sight-read music, each piece had to be memorized, measure by measure.

The recordings from 1997/1998 were made in my little home studio in Mechanicsburg with my Steinway model B grand piano (7-foot), an ADAT recorder and AT-4033 mics. The recordings from 1999 were made on my Steinway Model D grand piano (9-foot) in my Maple Room studio using Neumann KM184 mics. All of these tracks are from practice sessions recorded and forgotten, until unearthing the old recordings in 2010 and then remastering them in 2020.

In addition to these pieces, I also played parts of two other Beethoven piano sonatas, two more Chopin etudes, and another Bach prelude. None of those were recorded.

Frank Leister playing piano.
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