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Passing Through II - 1978

In April 1978, I had a lead role in a musical comedy called "Passing Through II."


It was the third in a series of productions written by Lawrence Lebin, an English professor at Lock Haven State College, in Lock Haven PA.

Here are 42 pictures from the show, rehearsals, cast parties, script, publicity & program. (Plus one old 16mm movie.)

16mm video taken during the performance.

frank & lori, during the show

frank, during the show

during the show

ticket to the play

joe, frank, dan - during the show

larry lebin, playwright

joe pagana, director

bobby stiver, technical director

shirley lebin, frank leister - cast part

patty arvidson, dan way - makeup

dennis greenaway

jayne bolduc, mike ferster, fx mcinerney

shirley, frank, patty - cast party

jayne bolduc, leslie taggart - makeup

monty cousins, dan sechler - rehearsal

frances arndt, joe cassara - makeup

college newspaper article 1

college newspaper article 2

play program

a page from the script

john debernardo, dan way

publicity poster

lori jordan, monty cousins.

dan way, joe pagana

mike ferster, larry lebin - rehearsal

shirley lebin, dan sechler

monty cousins

fx mcInerney, mike ferster, tracey burgo

exclusive interview

frank leister, patty arvidson, fx mcinerney

joe pagana, jane bolduc, mike ferster

shirley lebin, frank leister - cast party

5th grade reviews

linda lebin, lori jordan, eric matthews.

the dragon, bobby stiver

barry, linda, dragon, bobby stiver

advertising gala

lori jordan

leslie taggart

makeshift stage crew

erik matthews, hanging around rehearsals

linda lebin, daughter of larry

The Cast...

  • King — Frank Leister

  • Queen — Leslie Taggart

  • Rose — Lori Jordan

  • Melvin — Monty Cousins

  • Dr. Lamb — Dan Sechler

  • Duke — Joe Cassara

  • Shortly Shortly — Dan Way

  • Army — Philippe de Saint Phalle

  • Scoop - Patti Arvidson

  • Clone — Dennis Greenaway

  • Judy Jock — Jayne Bolduc

  • Punch — E.X. McInerney

  • Cheery — Ann Leavey

  • Rat — Mike Ferster

  • Alien — Tracey Burgoyne

  • Dragon — John DeBernardo

The Credits...

  • Playwright — Lawrence Lebin

  • Director — Joe Pagana

  • Producers — Scott Clapper & Jayne Bolduc

  • Composer — Shirley Lebin

  • Flute & Piccolo — Louanne Glasgow

  • Technical Director — Robert Stiver

  • Stage Manager — Cheryl "Torch" Wagner

  • Costumes — Cheryl Derr

  • Makeup — Frances Arndt

Two earlier productions in the Passing Through series occurred prior to my arrival at college. Audio recordings from the older productions are can be heard here.

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