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Freelance, Harrisburg River Rescue Gig

December 1985

26 songs from 2-track cassette master tapes

This groups of 26 songs is from a gig at the Harrisburg River Rescue in December 1985.

There were two cassette tape copies of this material. Neither were in good shape. Remastering these tapes involved varying the speed of the original tapes (to get the songs to original pitch), and then processing with noise reduction, equalization, compression, and limiting.


  • Dave Bollinger - trumpet, flugelhorn & vocal

  • Steve Weihbrecht - trumpet & vocal

  • Frank Leister - guitar

  • Jeff Stoner - keyboards & vocal

  • Joe Vajda - bass

  • Jeff Shoop - drums & vocal


business card, 1985

Note: 7 of these songs are available in better quality (remixed from the original multitrack tapes). Click here

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