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Freelance, Harrisburg River Rescue Gig

December 1985

7 songs from 4-track cassette master tapes

This group of 7 songs is the best audio we have of any known Freelance recordings. (That's because I was able to work with the original 4-track cassette tapes and process each track individually.)

In June 2010, I found 7 songs from the original 4-track cassette tapes that were used to record this gig at the Harrisburg River Rescue. For these 7 songs, I was able to re-mix and master (whereas all other Freelance recordings we know of consist only of stereo cassette master tapes and copies).


  • Dave Bollinger - trumpet, flugelhorn & vocal

  • Steve Weihbrecht - trumpet & vocal

  • Frank Leister - guitar

  • Jeff Stoner - keyboards & vocal

  • Joe Vajda - bass

  • Jeff Shoop - drums & vocal

The 4-track cassette tapes were comprised of...

  • Channel 1 and 2: a couple of microphones placed in front of the stage.

  • Channel 3: keyboards, a direct feed from the keyboards.

  • Channel 4: vocals, a direct feed from the PA system.

freelance river rescue gig 1985.jpg

harrisburg river rescue gig, Dec 1985

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