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Robin Shenck

  • Robin Shenck inspired me to play the guitar and write songs.

  • I first saw Robin at a church my family attended in Harrisburg PA. I was probably 12 years old. It was a "youth fellowship" meeting and he got up to play/sing a couple songs that he wrote. It was a transformative moment in my life — seeing a guy, just a few years older than me, playing songs that he wrote!

  • A few years later, in December 1974, I asked Robin to join my high-school rock band (Mansion) as lead vocalist.

  • Eventually we would record, jam, & perform together probably a hundred times or more. We last played together at my 60th birthday party in 2018.

  • This group of songs, which I call"Six-Pack," are songs that Robin wrote & sang. I was involved in different ways: playing instruments, recording, and/or producing.

  • 1981: 3 songs. I played bass & keys. John Mosser played drums. Robin played everything else.

  • 1986: "Dial My Number" - I played everything & produced.

  • 1999: "If I Can Get It To You" - I played everything, produced, & co-wrote.


Hear more of Robin's singing and playing on these pages:

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