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Purple Haze - the Music

Audio Recordings

Excerpts from rehearsal recordings...

Tech Talk

The only recordings were made "live" to stereo, using two tracks of Frank's Dokorder 7140 reel-to-reel tape recorder. (The actual tape deck used to record these rehearsals is shown here, on the right.) Portions of two different rehearsals were recorded.

The recordings were made in the "utility room" at High Hall — featuring concrete block walls and a tiled floor — for loud and lively acoustics. There was no mixing board, nor any good quality microphones. Vocals were pumped through Frank's guitar amplifier.


In 1999, the old analog tapes were transferred to digital at the Maple Room, Frank's studio in Dillsburg, PA. Almost two hours of material was salvaged from the original tapes, which were not in good shape, unfortunately. 

dokorder 7140 reel recorder, purple haze
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