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Freelance, Holly Inn Gig

July 1984

21 songs from 2-track cassette tapes

This group of 21 songs is from a gig at the Holly Inn in July 1984 (Mount Holly Springs, PA). Unlike the vast majority of Freelance gigs, this gig was open to the public.


  • Dave Bollinger - trumpet, flugelhorn & vocal

  • Steve Weihbrecht - trumpet & vocal

  • Frank Leister - guitar

  • Eckhard Rubinic- keyboards

  • Joe Vajda - bass

  • Jeff Shoop - drums & vocal

There were three cassette tapes, each with different portions of the gig (including some overlapping coverage, so I was able to pick the best quality source material). However, none of the tapes were in good shape. Remastering involved varying the speed of the original tapes on a song-by-song basis (to get the songs closer to original pitch), and then processing with noise reduction, equalization, compression, and limiting.

freelance, holly inn, frank leister, guitar, 1984

Frank, at the Holly Inn, July 1984.


the Holly Inn

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